Monday, October 26, 2009

Suicide and Tired Legs

“Wow”,  I find myself saying completely mesmerized by his shining black shoes , now I spare a look at mine, ”Dirty as usual” I sighed in resignation , as if it was somehow their fault that they were dirty, I remember they used to be black once……or was it brown…..boy ,I have a bad memory, ” you can tell a lot about a man by just looking at his shoes” , my father used to say , his shoes were always impeccable , judging by that logic and my previous experience of people with clean shoes I would say that this  guy is an ill-tempered egoist but then again I almost never agree with my father. In the midst of all this thiking I spot an empty seat ………HOPE I notice a man make a go for it………DESPERATION I make a run for it ………..  DESPAIR   I end up being just too late, now a formally dressed 30 something is occupying a seat which could have been mine,
I will be more careful next time, I promise myself. It is a busy metro station and an hour long delay  is not helping at all, apparently a depressed 22-year old  thought jumping  in front  of  metro train would be a good way to end his life, the  unfortunate soul escapes death but successfully rubs some of his misfortune on to me and all of the fellow metro travellers who are waiting in here with me. I notice a bunch of noisy teenagers in their school uniforms standing a few meters away from me, their unruliness has clearly annoyed all the senior and not so senior citizens in the platform, in the meanwhile I find myself getting a bit nostalgic but that doesn’t last long as I see smoking hot 20 something  pass through  me , all my senses are on  alert , she  gives me a casual look or maybe that’s just a figment of my imagination but I get slightly self conscious  nonetheless ,not far behind following her footsteps is her insecure boyfriend, how  did ‘he’ end with ‘her’ I was busy wondering  when I once again see an empty seat and again go through the three steps of HOPE , DESPERATION and DESPAIR. I will be more careful next time, I promise myself.


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SOMDATTA said...

It reminds me of "An Umbrella man" from The miscellany of short stories .... If i am not wrong...the blog is very close to the short story... a similar incident