Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exercising Experiments

I am on one of my walks(it is extremely rare but it does happen), I see a vague figure approaching me , I realize I am not wearing my spectacles, as the distance between us decreases I come to the conclusion that it’s a man but soon I get a feeling that he is not alone , as he comes closer it becomes quite apparent that the man is actually following his mysterious companion finally we come so close that my myopia is left redundant and I get a crisp and clear view of the two entities first the tummy and close behind the man (or the bearer),we cross each other I try to fight it but a smile does appear on my face , I hope his tummy blocked his view , now I try put a number to his weight but I find myself overwhelmed with laughter and out of nowhere
 I have an epiphany…………..”THIS COULD BE YOU” …………..astouded by the revelation I feel like a four year old boy who got hit in his nuts for the first time , it takes a while but I eventually recover , it’s just paranoia I tell myself , I am genetically blessed , I don’t eat enough , I have a lean structure , I can never be so fat but denial is not working , the voice at the back of my head is way too strong, all of a sudden the words of a distant relative with huge fat reserves comes to mind, ”I used to be a skinny kid , just like you young man” I feel slightly nauseaus , I need to take some really unpleasant decisions here,”I AM GOING TO EXERCISE FROM TODAY” , I shout in proclaimation, “or maybe tomorrow, after all one must always remain pragmatic”.
Next Morning my sleep spell is broken by the 6:30 alarm , I am successful in leaving my bed , “I have to exercise” or I could freshen up first sounds like a jolly good idea……
• I am washing my face…… “I have to exercise”
• I am brushing my teeth…..“I have to exercise”
• I am on the pot……..“I have to exercise”
I return to my room “now is the time” or I could grab a light breakfast first , a little dose of energy would definitely help  get things started .
• I am in the mess……“I have to exercise”
• I am eating bread omelet………“I have to exercise”
I return to my room “now is the time” or I could let the food settle down first ,I don’t want indigestion ,should wait for twenty more minutes.
“ok , more than 45 minutes have passed I have to start now”, but before I begin I need to have a mental picture of what I am going to do today, so I sit down and close my eyes , I visualize myself doing a bit of stretching to start of the proceedings, then I do a set of push ups follow them up with a set of pull ups and then a set of sit ups………..should I do more i stop to think, but I realize that my face is all red and heated up I open my eyes to find myself sweating profusely , my t-shirt wet, I already feel much lighter ,wow….this is much better than what I expected of real exercising, as it turns out IMAGINATION is a really powerful tool and  all I have to do is just sit back , relax and imagine myself with a six pack.

PS:I don't intend to offend anyone.Read it with a sense of humor.


ROBERN said...

Six Packs? thik hai JIM ja kar photos le lete hain , room me laga ke dono visualize karege ;)

amit verma said...

cool writing style...initial description was minute showcase of details...presentation was quite cool n so was the matter...well done...visit timesofindia n maybe u can write some stories n that would be cooler...try it out coz i think u will do it to perfection...