Saturday, October 31, 2009

Of Doors and Dialogues

Kurt Cobain is singing ‘Heart shaped box’ to me through my headphones, listening to Nirvana has always been a pleasant experience for me especially if it’s been a while, I hear an out of tune beat but it is too vague so I neglect it…….within no time it grows prominent, I take off my headphones to be greeted by the bangs on my door, ‘welcome back’ I sighed, the thought of opening my door is just too discouraging , I am no longer sure of my next move but the intensifying bangs present a very compelling argument I decide to open my door, the design of the door is such that I can use only one hand, I prepare my right hand for the ordeal to come, the bolt on the door is very tight, I have to be careful or I risk hurting my hand , in one swift movement I unbolt the door, my hand perfectly fine to my relief, but the jobs far from done, apparently my door has some kind of an auto lock mechanism, it  manages to remain tightly shut, if you were new you would be tricked into thinking the door is locked from the other side, but there is no fooling an experienced campaigner like me, this stubborn little piece of metal is my arch nemesis, I am well aware of all the tricks, it takes three quick high intensity jerks from my right hand  to open the monster, I am filled with pity and loathing for my hand and door, but the ordeal is over and I find a familiar figure standing in front of me, “you are studying way too much mishra” are the first words of the visitor.

The accusation doesn’t surprise me, “I don’t know what I have done to give you such an impression but I assure you I have no such intentions my friend”. ”Do you think I am stupid, as soon as you heard me knocking you instantly closed all the books and threw them inside, you just keep your laptop on to fool me.”, his words amuse me, he completely thought it through, nothing I say is going to stop the assault so I decided not to retort. “Why do you do this to me “ he continues with his attack ”cheating me so brazenly, all I ever do is care for you and you backstab me, just tell me why?”, I seem to have lack of words as usual, no answer again, I am well aware of what is coming next, “I know you are very intelligent and I am a lowly fool but I am still your friend, I deserve to pass too, do you want me to fail?” “of course not my dear friend, why would I ever  want that”, “then why do you behave like this studying all by yourself and on top of that concealing it from me, your actions have deeply hurt me I can’t bear to stand in front of you any longer. I am leaving and don’t worry I will not return to bother you again, go ahead continue with your studies, finish it all”. He leaves, I shut the door I hear guys shouting, “mishra is studying “. I notice Nicklelback is singing one of my favorites I grab my headphones. A few songs pass and I find my door’s getting restless once again. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exercising Experiments

I am on one of my walks(it is extremely rare but it does happen), I see a vague figure approaching me , I realize I am not wearing my spectacles, as the distance between us decreases I come to the conclusion that it’s a man but soon I get a feeling that he is not alone , as he comes closer it becomes quite apparent that the man is actually following his mysterious companion finally we come so close that my myopia is left redundant and I get a crisp and clear view of the two entities first the tummy and close behind the man (or the bearer),we cross each other I try to fight it but a smile does appear on my face , I hope his tummy blocked his view , now I try put a number to his weight but I find myself overwhelmed with laughter and out of nowhere

Monday, October 26, 2009

Suicide and Tired Legs

“Wow”,  I find myself saying completely mesmerized by his shining black shoes , now I spare a look at mine, ”Dirty as usual” I sighed in resignation , as if it was somehow their fault that they were dirty, I remember they used to be black once……or was it brown…..boy ,I have a bad memory, ” you can tell a lot about a man by just looking at his shoes” , my father used to say , his shoes were always impeccable , judging by that logic and my previous experience of people with clean shoes I would say that this  guy is an ill-tempered egoist but then again I almost never agree with my father. In the midst of all this thiking I spot an empty seat ………HOPE I notice a man make a go for it………DESPERATION I make a run for it ………..  DESPAIR   I end up being just too late, now a formally dressed 30 something is occupying a seat which could have been mine,

Friday, October 23, 2009


A: You have to be in my arms always, always n forever, so that every adversity that comes in your way has to pass through me ....... Oh my lover….. promise me this…

B: I wish i could my dear.............but i can never be so selfish.............i have to fight my own is only then we can truly belong and deserve each other......

A: This relation is not a bed of roses, it’s a pavement full of thorns that we have to trod ,with our hands together ...

B: The path we are on is too painful.........with no end in sight............i feel too tired n lazy............and our hands have become all sweaty...........i guess it's better if we take the godly path of renunciation and leave each other alone...........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Helping Hands

Sunday Morning , actually it is 11 am but what the hell ……. I can see the bright sunrays falling on my bed where I currently lay, my head in the soft embrace of my pillow .I want to sleep more but my body is repulsed by the idea even my eyes refuse to close, now that sleeping is no longer feasible I am trying to decide my next course of action , I see the toothbrush , seems like a very reasonable next step but my laziness never ceases to surprise me , once again I get to see the ugly head of uncertainty…….. ‘What should I do?’ are my exact thoughts immediately an idea shines in my head and everything becomes clear , in an instant I

Friday, October 16, 2009

Early Morning Battles

Hey folks,finally my first post,it's been a long time coming but it is here......

NOISE......has a hint of definitely noise.....what the hell is that i try to think......"forget about it.....just carry on" a very p
otent voice from deep inside commands, i am in complete obedience......MORE NOISE....i get curious and try to open my eyes it's too difficult...... "Don't be a fool!!!"the commanding voice returns,once again I oblige,the NOISE is getting LOUDER and LOUDER irritation is rising...out of sheer instinct I try to move,temporary paralysis kicks in...."Don't even think about it!!!" the voice speaks clearly angry,my alter ego is more powerful then me......... MORE NOISE accompanied by LOUD BANGS,the shock of the bangs breaks the spell.......7:30 I decipher the time,I need to leave the bed,must attend class are my jumbled up alter ego senses defeat,clearly desperate it speaks"Aristotle once said 'Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered',you don't have to go.....sleep sleep sleeeeep!!!!!", my alter ego is smarter then me,the arguments seem compelling shoulders sag,I reach for the pillow......BANG BANG BANG @#$% @#$% @#$% (Harsh words)........finally i come back to my senses,out of nowhere urgency and panic creeps in I grab my brush and run to get ready for the battles of the rest of the day.....