Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Story #3


He was lying on his bed but he was not trying to sleep nor had he just woken up, he just didn’t feel like doing anything else, the ceiling fan caught his fancy while he was wondering of the human condition, wondering how some people worked so hard while others spent their day being slothful and how everything led to nowhere, all of this while trying to figure out how fast the fan above rotated. His mobile rang, it was precariously placed on the table and because it vibrated as it rang it fell, you would think he will spring into action to check the well being of his mobile but agility was nowhere to be seen. Nokia made sturdy phones he had realized the fact long ago, he had lost count of how many times his phone fell but his thoughts had been disturbed so he reluctantly left the bed picked up his phone, nothing wrong as usual, the ring was a reminder it was time to buy grocery he hated shopping for groceries but then again he hated everything that required physical labor the only thing he loved doing was wonder about stuff, he decided to go because he was literally out of everything, food was a necessity, so he walked all the way to his bathroom to wash his face made a vain attempt to fix his ruffled hairs and then began a search for his car keys, a look at his house and you would say it was pretty clean by a bachelor’s standard ofcourse but it’s not because he loved cleaning but because he was too lazy to make the place untidy.

Finally in the car he drove to the nearest store, he loved these new American style stores, just go around and pick up whatever you feel like no more need for lists or standing in front of the store owner waiting for him to answer your queries only to realize the desired product is not available. He took a quick tour of the place picked up some necessary items and a lot of attractively packaged useless crap. Payment was done by credit card it was easier this way, no need to count or worry for change all you needed to do was hand over the card and sign on a little slip moreover it was never fun to give away real money, the actual transaction was so well hidden he no longer felt the pinch the credit card had truly set him free. Back in his car he was wondering of the work that needed to be done, Sunday would eventually end today the thought killed him a little. The mobile was calling for his attention but before he could reach it, the phone fell again, he sighed in exasperation and went down to pick it up completely oblivious of the SUV abode a reckless driver coming right at him.

The blood in his eyes made his vision unclear, the shock of the collision had left his ears temporarily dysfunctional, he could see the SUV burning the driver is probably dead he thought and now the fear of his own mortality hit him, he was too young, he was not yet ready to die, there were a lot of experiences he was yet to have all the astrologers had predicted a long and healthy life for him, this couldn’t be right. The car was upside down, pain emerged in every part of his body as his deafness ended, his body was in an awkward position but the seat belt was stuck, he tried to grab that swiss knife but it was just out of his reach, he noticed his phone was still working, ‘one missed call from mother’ it said. Mother would be devastated if I died today, more pain he made another attempt to break free but his hands were absolutely powerless , he hoped and prayed for help to arrive but with every passing second hopelessness grew, he realized his ribs were broken more excruciating pain, he tried to divert his attention by thinking of something pleasant but failed, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to keep his eyes open, maybe this was it he thought, no point shouting or crying, he closed his eyes and thought of all the things he had done, all the things he could have done but mostly he thought of things he had avoided doing. As he was about to begin his journey in to oblivion he felt a couple of hands grabbing him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Story #2

The room was dimly lit, there were scented candles all around, a pretty romantic environment one might say, the two lovers were lying on the bed both half naked perhaps in the middle of their foreplay, but neither of them moved, maybe they were teasing each other. There was a third person present in the room a woman, in the midst of twenty different aromas there was one that stood apart it was more potent than the others, it came from the gun that the woman had, it was the smell of gun powder.
She stood there looking at the consequence of her action, the man with the bullet in his chest was her husband the girl beside him had been a regular recipient of his affection for the past one year or so, a bullet landed on her head. She had known about her husband's spread of affection for the past couple of months she was waiting to catch him in the act, today she finally got the chance she brought the gun along just to terrorise them, it was her husband’s which he had ironically bought for his own protection, but the sight of her husband with another woman was too much for her she went straight in and began an open fire, the first three missed their destination but as they say practice makes one perfect the next three produced the desired result.
She hadn’t moved a bit, still holding the gun out as if waiting for someone to come through the wall, she was trying to resist every thought that came in her mind,  afraid to know how she felt about it, hoping that this is all a dream and she is about to wake up too afraid to know what lies next but slowly reality did sink in, overwhelmed she fell to the ground but to her surprise she found herself laughing, she felt great and it terrified her but she couldn’t help it she felt like she was nineteen again having her first orgasm. She often had dreams of killing people but she neglected them as nightmares but now she knew what they really meant, the thrill she felt was beyond anything she had ever experienced no matter how much she tried tears never arrived, she kept searching but could not find a hint of remorse.   Self preservation kicked in and she began the clean up so that no evidence of her presence is found, in the meanwhile a new thought struck her that both horrified and excited her to the same extent, the thought of performing the next kill.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Story #1

This post contains the first of a series of short stories I plan to write. All the stories will be unrelated, they will all be short and abrupt, most of them will try to make sense (I cannot guarantee anything). These stories are purely fictional like most of my other posts but these stories are different in the sense that they won’t be written in the form of a first person account. So here is Random Story#1:

 He is standing in front of the door, his eyes giving away the pain his face is so desperately trying to hide, staring at it as if waiting for a clue, a little something that would tell him what lay beyond it. The door stares back at him impassively, he looks at the door bell but the thought of anymore noise disgusts him, after the events of the day he cannot tolerate anymore noise his body instinctively moves a step back, blood is oozing out of his left leg the pain still very ripe, his socks which were immaculately white in the morning are all damp and red. All he was looking for was a bit of peace a place where he could sit silently away from all those intrusive eyes, no sympathetic words, no accusatory questions, just silence, to calm himself, to detach himself from the paranoia and come to a decision on what to do next but unfortunate as he was his home was no longer that place. He had taught himself t to deal with those nagging questions but today was a different day, patience was no longer at his disposal he knew he would end up hurting her and what would the kids think, he had completely forgotten about the son and the daughter, he couldn’t let them see him like this, ahh……his thoughts were interrupted by a surge of blinding pain in his dislocated shoulder but he was not sure what hurt more.
She was lying on the bed her eyes burdened with sleep, hoping praying that the bell doesn’t ring, an emergency meeting a city wide massive traffic jam, somehow anyhow he is an hour late, she was desperate for an hour of peaceful sleep. After a marathon session which included everything from feeding the kids to disciplining them to finishing their homework along with all the other household chores, she was completely exhausted but finally alone, the son was at piano practice the daughter went for dancing lessons, all she needed was an hour to rejuvenate and after that she would be ready once again to devote herself to him and the kids, but she needed this one hour just for herself, she never wanted the second kid just an year after the boy was born but he insisted and her life has been a chaos ever since, he used to be sensitive and caring but now he lived as if there is a set pattern that needed to be followed overlooking all the changes happening in and around him, she was aware that all these years of living together  had made both them bitter, but she could deal with all this what really disappointed her was that he never turned into the man she expected him to become one day.