Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Helping Hands

Sunday Morning , actually it is 11 am but what the hell ……. I can see the bright sunrays falling on my bed where I currently lay, my head in the soft embrace of my pillow .I want to sleep more but my body is repulsed by the idea even my eyes refuse to close, now that sleeping is no longer feasible I am trying to decide my next course of action , I see the toothbrush , seems like a very reasonable next step but my laziness never ceases to surprise me , once again I get to see the ugly head of uncertainty…….. ‘What should I do?’ are my exact thoughts immediately an idea shines in my head and everything becomes clear , in an instant I
grab my laptop connect to the internet and take the oh so insightful quiz on Facebook , in a jiffy the results are in front of me……. Considering my daily activities , to keep my teeth in an optimum state of health I should brush my teeth four times a week and Sunday is not one the suggested days , Facebook comes to my rescue AGAIN.

It is 11 but this time it is dark outside, the night's cool , I am sitting on my chair trying to adjust to a more comfortable posture at the same time taking a glance at my room looking through the untidiness my eyes see something……...BOOKS……… my heart stops for a second and then there is guilt ‘I should study’ , thoughts to that effect arise in my mind but the next episode of Californication seems way to enticing . I need help Facebook comes to mind , I take the IQ quiz , the resulting numbers are very low , turns out I am really slow , there is no point in studying if I m not going to understand anything . Guilt gives way to self pity , I need to make the most of my situation the next episode seems real fun , one makes way for others and before I know it morning has arrived.

It is Monday the day I am supposed to brush my teeth.


arjun said...

ur connectivity is simply amazing..

SOMDATTA said...

Well written!!!! Its really difficult to believe that even facebook suggest u to be lazy and the quizzes are so designed that it answers ur laziness...keep it up!!!