Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Story #9

It’s my first post after more than an year, I hope I am going to be a bit more regular henceforth. In the past one year I did achieve a major milestone, successfully completed my engineering. This also means that my college days are over… least for the time being. Now that my college hostel will no longer give me shelter I have relocated to Noida.

Enough about me…..following is my first story after more than an year, it's a short one I hope you enjoy it. For those who are new to my blog feel free to read my older post as well.


“Goodbye”, he uttered his last words to her, as he saw her for the last time. Her eyes were overwhelmed with tears, she looked so sad yet so beautiful.

His eyes were closed, the pain was getting too severe, still he felt her teardrop hitting against his chest, it’s warmth seemed to engulf all the pain. She pressed the knife against his chest, he felt his life oozing out of him. He tried to remain calm, there was no point running from it, the end had come and he needed to embrace it.

‘Did I deserve it’, he wondered.

“You did”, her shaky voice broke the silence of the room.

She lifted the knife stuck in his heart, thick red blood pumped out of the open wound quickly turning his white t-shirt red. Something so horrible could happen to her she had never imagined but life has a way of surprising you. They were a happy family living the perfect life, two kids, a suburban house which was only one mortgage payment away from being their own, that’s when tragedy struck.

On a murky Friday evening her kids were run over by a silver Honda city, the driver was the man she loved, the father of her children, her husband.

The same man lay in front of her today, taking his last breath , her revenge was about to be complete, there was still pain, perhaps the pain had increased, but somewhere deep inside her heart she felt a sense of peace she had not felt since that fateful Friday evening. As she saw the last drop of life being sucked out of him doubt raised its ugly head.

‘Did he deserve it’, she wondered.

“Yes I did”, she heard a voice say.



Mehak said...

Welcome back to blogging! I'm glad you returned.. :)
The story is cruel and cold, but well-written of course. I like.
Looking forward to more...

eyes wide open O_O said...

HE not being a ususal writer, but very fond of good peice of writing by this stranger's blog he came across, thought he should give writing a short story one more shot. Its been a while the stranger wrote any new stories in stranger’s blog giving him a break from reading them. But then again speaking from the tongue of a teen punk "I used to masturbate, but I think its bad, so I am stopping it..."everyone knows the punks will come back to it sooner or later, which explains the new post from the stranger and breaking his break to read them.
As they say the longer you stay on a break the more desperate your desire gets, for the stuff you are taking a break from. He ended up reading 4 older posts which he vaguely thinks he has read before just to get more of stranger's writing, meanwhile he has this urge to know what would be the normal opinion to a thing and how is it different from his opinion, he read(red) the comments on the 4 stories, even the ones the author(stranger) didn't care to answer. Some of the comments made him visit the commenting persons blog too ,to see if there are some more people writing like the stranger ,sadly he didnt find any yet but both(stranger and him) knows there are lots likes of stranger.
Hes thinking ofcourse the stranger hvnt been in most of the situations talked about in his posts maybe that explains the strangers lure for being a movie buff.He continue to thinks the stranger also have a need to sometimes support his(stranger's) opinions thats is why stranger watches a lot of movies to get more situations and to add more to his notes on situations.
HE totaly believes the need to make notes in mind on situations,but what bugs his sitting idle is one question."what is the need to watch a movie and to frame a story on a blog?" does the stranger misses his connection with another humanbeing..!!, or its just the strangers most sorted out way to get known to a girl of his interests..!!.Another thought popped in his head is if the stranger's motive in writing these stories is to discuss his views on situations with outer world or larger circle , he thinks maybe the stranger should give some of stranger's acquaintances a shot of discussion once a while or the stranger just wants to keep his(stranger's) mind notes just to himself.
Within a jiffy He thinks stranger is not mean to stranger's acquaintances, stranger just want them to take the first step because stranger would prefer making some more notes to situations rather than giving stranger's circle an impression - he(stranger) is a thinker....

nil said...

First off- Welcome back! I know I had been waiting for this return which would have happened eventually, I was sure :)

Now, the story. As always, you never disappoint me. Good work, man. Good good work! :)

P.s- wrote a new fiction piece too. Stop by when u can :)

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