Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Good Score

Well…….here is the thing with me and good scores, we don’t get along. If you ever see a good score on the results it is highly unlikely my name’s beside it. We have been adversaries for a very long time now, it’s not like I have never tried to reconcile but good scores aren’t exactly amiable. I have tried to talk through our differences several times but they makes unreasonable demands and  stubbornly stick to them turning a deaf ear to all my arguments. I remember my first encounter with a good score, I was in kindergarten, it was sitting just ahead of me right beside THE KID who lived next door. I hated him my mother always used to talk about what a good boy he was, ”Look at him, he is playing scrabble and all you do is watch those stupid cartoons. Do you even know what claustrophobic means?”. Unable to answer I drown in ignominy, running away from her convinced she hates me I stop only at the sight of television, watching Spiderman kick the green goblin's ass helps me restore my sense of pride. My imagination takes over me, I become Spiderman, I go to THE KID’s house beat him at scrabble and then throw him and his idiotic scrabble out the building, Spiderman saves the day and in the process wins the admiration of his mother, anyways lets go back to the classroom THE KID and good scores immediately hit it off, they seemed to have chemistry. In the meanwhile I saw a bunch of poor scores standing in the corner of a room completely neglected I got sympathetic and decided to give them a seat beside me, hey what did I know I was a foolish little kid, I later found out that good scores and poor scores are not exactly the best of friends and good scores were really pissed because I chose poor scores over them, I couldn’t care less but it turned out my parents thought otherwise apparently being in company of good scores was of utmost importance, as the next examination approached I was under a lot of pressure from my parents, in desperation I swallowed my pride and decided to mitigate my relationship with good scores. They put forth three very specific conditions the fulfillment of which would make me eligible for their company.
First: I must sever all ties with poor scores.
Second: We must have at least one common friend.
Third: This was the toughest and the most important one, I must study.
I reluctantly complied, I studied to the best of my abilities and even made friends with THE KID but those back-stabbing good scores rejected me on the day of the result, even the poor scores turned their back on me and I was stuck with the stickiest of them all mediocre score


Somdatta said...

very well written!!!!amazing!!! waise i dont think u ever managed a bad score...aare u r a aieee rank holder and at BIT which requires talent.. :)

fanofrafa said...

Awesome man. its ur best among all post.let me try why u r not getting marks anyone who read ur blog cant blame to ur writin skill and who knws u cant blame ur talent and concept.as per i knw the reason is ur laziness.U r dosser and its difficult 4 u to write continuously 3 hr.Is it correct .....